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My name is Jonathan Pierson. I'm a senior in computer science at WIT, with a personal affinity for GBC/ASM development. I'm trying to teach myself game design and use that skill to finish an assembled GBC game, someday.
Check out my development section for more information!

Class Resources.

Digital Ethics: PHIL 3800-01

Algorithm Design and Analysis: COMP 3370-05

  • Nothing yet. Stay tuned.

Operating Systems: COMP 3475-03

  • Nothing yet. Stay tuned.

Download Development Resources

You can access many of the development tools and resources for Game Boy (Color) pseudo-Z80 compiling of ASM files into GBC roms.

All resources here may not be redistributed. Please do not use these files in commercial projects without the explicit written consent of the creator first.

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Contact Me

Feel free to email me to ask for things, talk about my resources/development, improvements you'd like to see in this site, or to just say hello!